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Documents & Studies

Resources for Water & Watershed Information for the Lake of the Woods Watershed

Links to state program resources and definitions of terms. Minnesota Water Facts.

Reports available on Water Quality including: TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load); WRAPS (Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategies); Fecal Coliform; Biotic Stressor; and Assessment of selected lakes.

Available online library of water research in Minnesota, including three reports specific to the Pomme de Terre. Documents from various state agencies and universities are collected in this one location for broad access.

Webpage with basic information on watersheds, lawn care and storm water.

A DNR online program that explains the ecology, management, and stewardship of river and stream ecosystems through Minnesota stories. Free online.

Shoreland restoration and protection resources. Information for those who own land along waterways.

A product of the Watershed Health Assessment Framework (WHAF)

A DNR tool that allows you to explore the ecological health of Minnesota’s watersheds. Lots of information available, with tip sheets on how to explore and zoom in on your area of interest.

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