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Board & Committees

Joint Powers Board

Chair - Jan Miller

Vice-Chair - Bill Thompson

Treasurer - Ed Arnesen

Secretary - Nancy Dunnell

Glenda Phillipe

Implementation Committee

Mike Hirst - Lake of the Woods County SWCD

Corryn Trask - Lake of the Woods County SWCD

Josh Stromlund - Lake of the Woods SWCD/County

Daryle Dahl / Ericka Halstensgard - Roseau County Highway Dept

Scott Johnson - Roseau County SWCD

Janine Lovold - Roseau County SWCD

Joe Olafson - Warroad Watershed District

HEI - for Warroad Watershed District

The IC is comprised of local staff, local water planners, local SWCD staff, and contractor staff for the purposes of logistical and day-to-day decision-making in the plan execution process. 

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