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Lake of the Woods Watershed Management

Map of the Lake of the Woods Implementation Planning area

The Lake of the Woods Watershed Joint Powers Board (JPB) is a newly formed governmental unit for watershed plan implementation.  JPB official associates are Lake of the Woods and Roseau Counties, their respective Soil and Water Conservation Districts, and the Warroad River Watershed District. The JPB will be also working with other governmental and non-governmental partners to help carry out certain plan activities.

 Joint Powers Board

Regular Board Meeting: 

9:30 - 11 am; Public Safety Building, Warroad   

January 29

April 22

July 22

October 28

Advisory Committee Meeting

Next meeting:

April 22, 2024; 10:45 am; Public Safety Building, Warroad

 10-Year Watershed Plan

34.7 MB

20.1 MB

10-year Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan

Please click on the yellow buttons to gain access to the Plan and Appendices for viewing and downloading. Downloads may take some time as both are large files. 

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